Dedicated servers for rent in Russia at a really good price
The quality should
not be expensive

Additionl services

You can purchase the necessary options to any of rental server configurations, also use a number of additinal services to facilitate administration of the server, the data security and work with it.

Change typical servers configuration

In most case the change takes 2-5 days.
In case of high load of data-center staff in rare case it can take up to 2 weeks.

  • HDD SATA 2 Tb
    1 000 per month
    + 600 setup
  • HDD SATA 4 Tb
    1 800 per month
    + 600 setup
  • RAM 16 Gb DDRIII
    900 per month
    + 600 setup
  • Hardware RAID
    ESXi / XenServer ready
    1 800 per month
    + 1 500 setup

  • SSD 240 Gb
    1 100 per month
    + 600 setup
  • SSD 480 Gb
    1 600 per month
    + 600 setup
  • SSD 960 Gb
    2 100 per month
    + 600 setup

Additional IP-addresses

Policy for additinal IP-addresses is simple - you just order the required number of.

  • 1 IP-address IPv4
    70 per month

Software licenses

We offer very competitive price for licenses. But note that you can use it only on servers rented and located in our data center.

  • ISPmanager 4 Lite
    month licence
    150 per month
  • ISPmanager 4 Lite
    unlimited licence
    1 200
  • ISPmanager 4 Pro
    month licence
    300 per month
  • ISPmanager 4 Pro
    unlimited licence
    2 000
  • ISPmanager 5 Lite
    month licence
    350 per month
  • ISPmanager 5 Lite
    unlimited licence
    3 500
  • Windows Server
    Standard Edition
    1 260 per month
  • SQL Server
    Web Edition
    1 200 per month

We are ready to offer our clients an access to other Microsoft software through a subscription with a monthly pay per use, it provides the following benefits:
no initial costs for licenses;
pay monthly only on the fact of the licenses;
the latest versions of the products for a good monthly fee.

With questions of using the software contact to the sale department..

Data Backup

We provide backup to FTP server, located in the remote data center.

  • Every 100 Gb to FTP
    200 per month

Pay administration

The professional technical staff help you to setup your server and be sure in its maximum power. We also can help you to reinstall OS (but you always can do it free yourself through IP KVM).
The services of an administration are available in case of free technical staff.

  • 1 hour work of the technical staff
    2 500
  • The reinstall of OS with our technical staff
    1 500

Linking the servers to VLAN 1 Gbit/s

The amount of servers is not limited, the price is for the linking of all servers.

  • VLAN 1 Gbit/s between servers
    + 600 one time fee for setup

BGP announcing your network

We can announce your AS with a block of IP addresses.

  • BGP announcing your AS
    1 500
    + 2 000 one time fee for setup