Dedicated servers for rent in Russia at a really good price
The quality should
not be expensive

Data Center

The own data center, special used only for location of servers nearby from the center of St-Petersburg, equipped with high quality professional equipment. And yet - the lowest prices on the market!
  •  300 sq. m. area near the center of St. Petersburg
  •  2 independent input power and a diesel generator
  •  Industrial air-conditioning system
  •  Direct connection to the backbone operators
  •  24 hour security system and restrict access
  •  Automatic firefighting system

The own professional area

For such an attractive offer on the market of servers rental at the prices as close to well-known European data centers it is not enough just to place the rack with the own servers in one of the russian data centers. The cost will be immediately the same like of the other offers from the most of russian providers of this services.

To economize staying in unsuitable places for the such purposes - without industrial air-conditioning system, reliable power supply, independent internet links,hour security - would mean a serious reduce in the reliability and stability.

We came to the choice of a suitable place for our servers at least seriously and without compromises.

After a meticulous long search we have:

  • 300 sq.m. area is fully ready for our purposes nearby from the center of St-Petersburg.
  • The electricity at very low cost with two high-voltage inputs from independent substations and the diesel generator with an automatic start.
  • The industrial air-conditioning system with a good supply of power which consumes the minimum electric power because of a low temperature out during the cold season.
  • The direct links to the backbone operators. We exist on the both largest Internet Exchange Point at Russia SPB-IX and MSK-IX.
  • 24 Hour security, a system of electronic passes. 24-hour video monitoring with the recording.
  • Automatic firefighting system.

You say it similar another boring description of any commercial data center. And we would not be different if not one BUT - we are able to offer the lowest prices for the rental of actual powerful servers in Russia.

The most amount of the customers of commercial data centers is the owners of small and medium-sized online businesses. The rental of the servers in data centers is one of the numerous costs, especially if you rent it in Russia. That's why in spite of some inconvenience the part of owners rents servers in European data centers which offer much lower prices. Another part pays extra money and uses the services of Russian data centers.

Our aim is to help the both. One side - to have possibility to hold the internet projects closer to their audience for which they are designed, to talk with the technical support on Russian, to have more comfortable ways of payment, to have possibility to get the accounting documents. Another side - not to pay extra money and not to loose the stability and quality.